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Web Projects

Orange Wanadoo becomes Orange Broadband

Hand-coded HTML/CSS/Javascript page templates.

Cotic Mountain bike frames

Customer comment: "The website Kelvin developed for me is my only direct interface with my prospective customers, and it is regularly praised by the people who visit it for being cleanly designed, easy to understand and navigate and quick to load up. I know that I have Kelvin's design flair and attention to detail to thank for that. In short, I couldn't have got my business off the ground, nor could I continue to run it today without a top class website, and I don't believe I would have got a better one anywhere else."

Hand-coded HTML/CSS/Javascript.

New Decal Selector created using Illustrator, Photoshop, Bryce, and Imageready.

Polly Townsend Artist

Customer comment: "I've just checked out the website and have to write straight away to tell you that I think it's absolutely great. It's totally professional looking, exactly what I wanted. Thankyou so much."

Hand-coded HTML/CSS/Javascript to W3C standards with cross browser compatability.

Cloud9trails Guide, photographer & journalist

Customer comment: "Just been looking at the C9T site - top banana - looks fantastic."

Hand-coded HTML/CSS/Javascript.

New Photo gallery created using Photoshop and Imageready.

Roadrat Teaser site for new cycle frame

Customer comment: "I can't believe how quick you've turned this around."

Hand-coded HTML/CSS/Javascript to W3C standards with cross browser compatability.